A little foolery, Pikaaa style.

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A little foolery, Pikaaa style.

Post  Coolpikaaa on Tue Apr 01, 2008 4:05 pm

April fools!

Looks like I fooled you by making you think I wouldn't fool you.

Or something like that.


Anyway, here is a quick thing I whipped up for you guys.Feel free to do it or not, but remember there will be PRIZES!

In the spirit of foolery, I proprose a challenge.All you have to do is solve riddles (there are 1 more then the number of a's in my username, only!), navigating around Here, Blackstar, and Imagidex.You actually don't have to join any of them, just use your mind to the fullest and you will figure it out.Once you have them all solved, (or think you do) just pm me with your answers!

The form
Just copy and paste the following questions along with your answers in a pm to me on Blackstar and if you have them right, you will get your prize.Sounds easy enough right?

1.What do the three hidden smiles look like?
Hint: Use the letters CSS on my second post in the April fools blackstar thread.

2.What is the key hidden in the shop on the corner really?

3.What is the secret pirate shop owner wearing on his head in Imagidex?
Hint: Look to the right of the captain.

Have fun!

4.Why are there three a's in my name?


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